Neighborhood Character in 280 Characters

Photo by Nathan Dumlao | Unsplash
The aforementioned tweet that (unfortunately) interrupted dinner.
Part of the anti-gentrification activist corner of Twitter, Noah thinks YIMBYs don’t engage with tenants in good faith.
A YIMBY, Cathy believes progressives who don’t want more housing are hypocrites.
A lot of American YIMBYs wish our cities could look more like Tehran, but they wouldn’t know if it weren’t for this account.
Density Bolsheviks? Seems a little far-fetched. The dialogue gets out of hand, fast.
Housing Twitter gets so dizzyingly complicated that it isn’t so easy to tell left from right. In this tweet, famed leftie Robert Reich is getting called out for opposing a new development in his neighborhood.
Housing is tied to place, and place is a part of our identities. When outsiders pontificate about where we’re from, we tend to get protective.



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Evan Farrar

Evan Farrar

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An avid researcher and writer on housing issues, Evan is an undergraduate at UCLA studying Public Affairs and Professional Writing.